Audrey Chmielewski

Melbourne based designer who dabbles in illustration, publication design, motion graphics and animation.

(take a cheeky peek)  

Here Be

Playing on the phrase, ‘here be dragons’, this cryptozoology tourism guide explores famous monster sightings from across the world. The guide is also accompanied by a screenprinted poster of the elusive Bigfoot.

Brick by Brick

Beginning at the age of 12, my Uncle David has amassed thousands of LEGO pieces over the years. As his collection has grown, he created his own small world, filled with various sets and pieces, drawing inspiration from other collections, as well as his own surroundings.

Ham; World’s First Space Chimp

A short video exploring the history of animals in space and the moral implications of sending creatures into orbit.

Siesta & Fiesta

A publication of collages created whilst studing in Prato, exploring the drastic change in atmosphere of a public space, depending on the time of day.


Various illustrations to accompany articles in 2018 editions of the student run publication.

Future is Now

Nine assets. Five minutes. Participants were given the task to edit and manipulate the provided images to create an entirely new composition. In response to these collages, an animation was created, drawing inspiration from consistent motifs.


A redesign for Saint Motel’s album ‘Saintmotelevision’. Taking inspiration from the 70’s feel of the album, the screen printed record sleeve and CD cover are reminiscent of retro patterns and  old television sets.

Is This It

A proposed music video for an upcoming release. Taking heavy influence from the 1980’s, the video plays on the cheesy tropes of the period.


A book cover for the reimagining of the tv show Westworld as a novel. Focusing on the divine nature of the Hosts, the cover dissects the human body, exposing what lies beneath.